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Hi, I'm Dr. Val

I help women leaders achieve 
more energy through 
optimizing sleep.

Have you ever?

► Found yourself tossing and turning, and ending up wide awake in the middle of the night...unable to fall back asleep?
► Let out a loud embarrassing yawn during the morning meeting, coffee in hand...on more than one occasion.  
► Found yourself exhausted in the middle of the day, unable to focus...wishing you could just crawl into bed?

If you nodded your head and said "YES" to at least one of these, then you've come to the right place!

What If...Sleeping Great Was Easy?

Well, now it is.
Now, getting a good night's sleep is easy.

You can say goodbye to tossing and turning...

No more yawning with embarrassment during meetings...

Put an end to hitting that wall of exhaustion in the middle of the day...

Instead, what would it be like if you would be filled with sustainable energy to keep you going through the whole day?

We know, it's revolutionary and a bit bold.

However, it's the foundation and sole focus of our sleep program for women in midlife. 

Especially those women who struggle with falling asleep or staying asleep.

You will be surprised at what is available, when you shift your mindset and redefine your relationship with sleep (Hint: it'll rock your world harder than you could ever imagine!)

You now have the opportunity to learn more about my Serene Sleep Solution Program, where you will have the opportunity to learn about sleep from both a scientific and psychological standpoint.

The Serene Sleep Solution Program is a 8 week program designed to help you understand how your sleep is disrupted by the fluctuation of hormones and dynamics of LIFE that are so typical of women just like you who are in midlife.

Now, you can learn how to overcome these disruptions to sleep with:
► Research-based tools that are simplified so that anyone can easily understand and implement them
► Clear and customizable processes that you can easily follow
► Proven steps to support your sleep and overall health goals.

The Serene Sleep Solutions Program is an integrative approach using evidenced based medicine and holistic practices to help you achieve the results you desire.

Are You Ready to Experience Your Perfect Night's Sleep?

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Just consider me your fairy godmother for a good night's sleep!

Ready for a transformation?

 Did you know that poor sleep can lead to problems with memory, focus, and attention? Let's change that together!

Are you ready to get the best night's sleep of your life? Yes this is totally possible.

Interested in figuring out why you wake up in the middle of the night? You've come to the right place.

Did you know that slow, deep breathing is one of the best natural remedies for sleep? And the best part is, it's free!

Going to sleep and staying fast asleep are two different battles. I help you find solutions to conquer both that align with your everyday life and personal goals.

Join the Sleephoria community today! A good night's sleep and energy for the day awaits you...

You in?

About me

I'm Dr. Val, expert integrative sleep medicine physician and your guide to better sleep.

I'm a board-certified internal and sleep medicine doctor, author, entrepreneur, the first AthletaWell sleep guide, author, mom of two, and most importantly a gal who loves getting her sleep!

I started Sleephoria after I began seeing an increase in menopausal women in my medical practice who were struggling with sleep.  As women, our hormones can affect everything such as our mood, energy levels, and yes, even our sleep; but what I want you to know is that there are ways to improve this, all of it. What began as a mere passion project of time, has grown into an online educational program available to women all across the globe.  

My mission is to end exhaustion for women in and around menopause through a better night's sleep. With my professional background in internal, sleep and integrative medicine, I KNOW we can find a way to improve your sleep so you wake up feeling rested, restored, and renewed with energy.  

So, I've just got one question to ask  you: Who's ready to get the best night's sleep they've ever had?

"Dr. Val has been very helpful with my sleep issues. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional, she is also friendly and warm. She has been very concerned about all my sleep issues.  I would highly recommend her expertise to anyone."
"Before seeing Dr. Val I wasn’t sleeping much. My watch was telling me that I was sleeping only 2 ½-3 hours. By working with Dr. Val, this is the first time I have hope. It was difficult for me to take care of my grandkids and I had to force myself to be calm. Now with sleep I feel like I can take anything that life throws at me during the day. Dr. Val listens and understands. She completely changed my life."
"Dr. Val is helpful and was great at providing alternative answers that I felt worked for my situation. She is always warm and positive and is great at listening too."
School Counselor

This program is for you if . . . 

(trust me you are not alone)

You want more than anything to wake up energized and have that energy sustain you throughout the day.

You're one of those people who can't fall back asleep after waking up at 3am and lie staring at the ceiling for hours.

Your thoughts and mental checklists keep your busy mind up at night. Where is the off switch?

You're still exhausted after a "decent" night's sleep -- coffee can only help so much!

You've tried everything you've read online, followed all the recommendations your BFF swears by and even listened to your doctor's tips for sleep hygiene and still can't manage to get quality sleep.

Are you ready to change your life?


1:1 Serene Sleep Solution

In this private 1:1 experience, we will peel back the layers to discover what has been getting in your way of optimal sleep and develop a sustainable program to help you restore your energy, improve performance, and create more joy in life. You'll have all this over the course of two months with 7 virtual 1:1 sleep and wellness coaching sessions.

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